Michael Rullo is an author, public speaker, and consultant who paid off his first home by twenty-four and made enough money and retired by the age of thirty-seven! He earned a stellar reputation as a new home designer and builder, and his phenomenal success and financial savvy allowed him to enjoy life more and pursue his other passions without the stress of making more money! That’s when he began to realize that even with all his success, financial freedom, and accomplishments, it just wasn’t Enough.

Many of his wealthiest friends felt the same way, yet others, who seemed to have very little, radiated contentedness. Michael’s remarkable journey to discover what makes someone feel like they have and are Enough became the basis for not only his book, but his lectures, seminars, consultations, charity work, social media, blog, and website.

“I learned everything I could about money, goals, balance, flow, psychology, and the science of happiness so that I could share with other people how to get to Enough,” says Michael. Today, he is passionate about giving back to make the world a better place and is using his experience to help others figure out what exactly is missing from their lives. He currently lives and leads by example a life of Enough and is available for consultations and public speaking engagements.


Michael’s services include Speaking, guided personalized instruction on how to do Michael’s Inspirational Journaling, Consultations (private and small group), and his One Day Seminar. Michael’s take on familiar subjects is different and fun, and his approach and delivery are entirely original… For more information click here: Full-service descriptions


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