“Michael’s mentoring and advice has completely changed the quality and outlook of my life. Before meeting Michael, I was aimless and frustrated with my lack of purpose, as many young men may often find themselves to be. However, Michael's guidance helped me become aware of areas in my life which I neglected, and he always managed to instill real motivation in me with every meeting. He helped me harness my youthful energy and direct it towards pursuits which provided me with fulfillment and happiness. I will continue to implement Michael’s lessons, and I honestly can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me thus far. I am ready to embrace the future with this new mindset.”

M. Fardy

“Michael Rullo is a great motivator. Experienced and successful in both business and personal training, Michael was instrumental in helping me lose 45 pounds through a healthy and realistic program. He has also shared great business-building tips that are proving to be powerful in helping my business expand.”

Byrad Yelland, Mount Royal University Professor

“Michael's 'Inspirational Journaling' method really worked for me, and it helped me set an intention and vision each day. It was like that vision pulled me towards my life as it is now. Within a year of practicing his method, I met and married the love of my life. As for my career - my boss is a great mentor and is teaching me the ins and outs of real estate investing, something I had always dreamt of learning. I bought, renovated and staged my very first place. I'll be renting it out for positive cash flow within the next two weeks. I started a side business which is shifting my career towards becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. The time and money freedom that has come along with all these changes have allowed me to travel the world on a multitude of adventures with my husband - yet another one of my goals. I am so spellbound by how powerful Michael's methods are that I continue to practice it over a year and a half later. It doesn't always feel like it's working but when I take the time to look at the overall picture, I'm in awe of the miracles life has brought me. I'm having fun with the joys and challenges each day holds, and I'm excited to paint my future with the brush Michael has given me.”

Felicia C., Designer-Entrepreneur

“… Without a doubt, the largest influence I have taken away from knowing Michael is that his core concepts on attitude and positivity have shaped my life more than any other human being.”

Daryl Armstrong, Sales Manager

“… Michael has opened my eyes to a different perspective of life, the world and he showed me there is a way to make work fun through play, and still get stuff done!... I see and expect things differently now for myself, my career, and family life… One big thing Michael instilled in me is my goal setting and putting them out there; he showed me that I need to make myself accountable and how to make them come true…”

Mavis Castillo-Hume, Project Document Controller

“I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Michael Rullo for over a year now. He has introduced me to a few practical techniques that have greatly impacted my work habits. In particular, he introduced me to a 'Inspirational Journaling' process that was very transformative and that I continue to use today.”

Tony E., Speaker-Coach

“I've known and worked with Michael since 2008. He is an authentic, caring, genuine and bright individual who truly cares about others. I'm very blessed to not only call him a colleague but a dear friend.”

Tina Varughese, Speaker-Instructor