Authentic-Self vs Altered-Self

Authentic vs Altered-copy

Authentic-Self vs Altered-Self?!

by M. Rullo (Rullo Rant #1)

In today’s lexicon, it’s common to hear social influencers advise another about being their best by being true to their ‘authentic-self.’ Today this appears to be a catchy phrase and indicates that the messenger(s) are true with who they truly are, and they are 100% being real with themselves, and their intended audience when they speak about such things as authenticity. The question I have is, do these people even know what the word ‘authentic’mean’s? When they speak about being your ‘authentic self,’ don’t they really mean to be one’s own best ‘altered-self’ instead?

Authentic defined by Merriam-Webster:

  • not false or imitation: real, actual 
  • true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character 
  • is sincere and authentic with no pretensions

When an influencer speaks of being ‘authentic’(it doesn’t matter the gender) & they:

  • Have dyed or coloured or added highlights to their hair, have hair extensions, or a hair transplant have been done, etc.
  • Have an apparent fake tan.
  • Have had extreme dental work done, they’ve had their teeth whitened, or they have veneers.
  • They’ve had obvious Botox / Fillers done to their face.
  • Noticeable enhancements to their body are easy to see, i.e., boob or pec implants (yes, men do this too!), etc.…

The message gets lost on me when the messenger speaks about being ‘authentic,’when sometimes they are the furthest thing from the very definition of what the word means.

Altered defined by Merriam Webster:

  • Made different is some way

Personally, I view myself as continually evolving, changing (some/most of this by my own design and choices), and I’m discovering who it is I am by making decisions to move my life forward and by becoming my best ‘altered-self!

When people hear a person say to be their best ‘authentic-self,’ we should correct them and advise them to replace the word authentic with ‘altered-self’ instead. It’s a more liberating and honest statement. I believe that people are continuing to authentically alter themselves into becoming the person they envision because we are all constantly changing and making choices on who it is we desire ourselves to be! The advice that I’d like to hear from these social influencers is this, instead of telling someone about being their best ‘authentic self;’ what they should really be saying to them is: ‘if you don’t like your life or who you are right now in this moment, then alter yourself and your reality until you do, like I did!’… Now that would be genuine advice and an accurate statement.