Got Enough?!

At 10-years of age, Michael starts his first part-time job for $2.00 an hour. By 37 he discovers he has enough & then retired!

Michael’s often asked, ‘how did you retire so young & what’s your secret?’ His reply: ‘Marketers created a system that keeps me wanting more.  I thought this would make me happy. All this did was keep me in perpetual debt. I learned all I needed was Enough!’

How does one Get Enough?’ For years Michael studied this. He noticed a connection; it takes many factors that get you to Enough. Enough is attainable, & it’s liberating. Enough is more than an ideology; it’s a way of life. Embrace this, & you’ll see your world take on more meaning & purpose.

‘A RAGS TO REVELATIONS STORY’ talks about self-love, inspiration, motivation, self-betterment, money, real estate, & business; it’s all here in one book. Michael uses humour, wisdom, & compelling insights to describe Enough; he shows the reader how they can have it too.

‘Got Enough’ answers: what does ‘Enough’ look & feel like?


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"Why Me? Why You? Why Not?"
*** ...I learned that there is such a thing as having “Enough”... *** ... There are a million ways to learn something, but out of all of them, I don’t recommend the hard way, even though that’s how I did it. I’m hoping that the reason you’ve picked up this book is that you want to learn from my mistakes and better still… from my successes. My name is Michael Rullo, and I didn’t have to work ever again, if I didn’t want to, by the age of 24...

Chapter 1

"Numbers don’t lie! They Also Don’t Tell the Whole Story!"
... “Enough” is a moving target, a soda pop one day, a video game the next. The simple truth is this, regarding money: Numbers don’t lie! People can lie, the media will fib, the internet is anybody’s guess, but spreadsheets don’t lie! They just might not tell the whole story!

Chapter 2

"Your Enough Number: How to Find It...”
What “Enough” means to you will come out of a complex combination of where you came from, how you see yourself now, and who you aspire to be...

Chapter 3

"Growing on Trees: Where Does Money Come From?"
... I discovered, very early on in my life, that people throw money away all the time and if I wanted to speed up my arrival to “Enough,” I needed to take a good look at where other people were throwing their money away and where I was bleeding mine...

Chapter 4

"Feed the Beast or Make it Starve: Goals in the Face of Your Inner Critic"
... A goal is just something that will help you know when you’re at the finish line, so it’s important not to let your inner critic stop you from trying...

Chapter 5

"Step it Up: The Power of Preparation to Achieve Success"
... It helps to think of a goal as a change. Learning to manage the process of change is going to help you to understand better which goals are worthy of your focus, how best to keep that focus as you work toward your goals, as well as how smaller goals can add up to “Enough.”...

Chapter 6

"The Road to Enough is Paved With Goals!"
... Although you will likely need to accomplish a number of goals to truly feel like you have “Enough,” it’s important that your first goal be to learn how to achieve any goal that you set your mind to. However big or small, if you know the process of how to: 1. Dream it, 2. Envision it, 3. Cement it, 4. Plan it, 5. Work it, 6. Adapt it and 7. Celebrate a goal into existence; you are setting yourself up to live a balanced and successful life… a life of “Enough.” ...

Chapter 7

"Make Opportunity Knock: How You Do That and Let it in When it Does!"
It’s surprising how many people row a boat-load of regrets around a lake of opportunity. Stuck on past failures that their inner critic is happy to replay, opportunity knocks but they just never seem to answer the door. The missed opportunities and coulda, woulda, shouldas crowd out any sense of “Enough, ” and it’s tough to be open to the risk of taking on new goals and challenges when you’re rowing in circles. To reach “Enough,” there are some tricks of the trade that when cultivated, not only open the door to opportunities but invite them in for burgers and beer!

Chapter 8

"Hands in Your Pockets: How to Keep the Money You Have When the World Wants it Too!"
Getting to “Enough” is a process, because “Enough” isn’t a static, unchanging condition. It’s a feeling, wrapped in your own personal history, tied with a bow of accomplishment. Money can underwrite that feeling and allow you to do many of the things that you dream of doing, but sometimes the pursuit of money throws the rest of your life so far out of balance that “Enough” seems a very distant horizon. A viable alternative is that you can also work on holding on to more of the money that you already have coming in...

Chapter 9

"The Psychology of Enough: The People, Power, and Politics of Money."
... I’d like to give you a better understanding of the psychology of “Enough,” and an introduction to the people, power, and politics that often come with the territory of money, so that you’ll be forewarned, forearmed and able to deal with anything that might be coming your way...

Chapter 10

"The Philosophy of Money: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Result, Change in Your Pocket."
Money is a commodity and currency, but it’s also a philosophy, something that can be examined, questioned, and understood. If you can get under its skin and reexamine your relationship to it, you’ll be one step closer to “Enough.”

Chapter 11

"Go With the Flow: That's the Spirit!"
Spirit/Flow has been linked to long-term, over-all life-satisfaction, a sense of success and achievement, and that elusive sense of “Enough.”...

Chapter 12

"Finding Your Balance: On the Edge of Enough."
Balance your life to get to Enough by, taking time off to just think, simplifying, alright-sizing, living within your means, exercising, eating right, enjoying nature, and connecting to a community...

Chapter 13

"Philanthropy and Love: Giving Back to Get Enough."
Life can change in an instant. Don't wait for a tragedy to jolt you into getting your ducks in a row. Start your journey to Enough now... Philanthropy that connects to your core values will help you feel like you have Enough...

Chapter 14

"The Wizard of Awes: Courage, Brains, and a Whole Lot of Heart."
... Enough is a very liberating sensation... When all is said and done, more is said than done...

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