‘Enough’ Seminar

The ‘Enough Seminar’ covers all of Michael’s services and expands on them in greater depth over the course of a 1-day seminar. Topics covered:

  • Enough Signature keynote
  • Goal setting work shop
  • Money tips, ideas, philosophy, concepts, and how to figure out what your ‘Enough‘ number is!
  • Inspirational Journaling and how to apply it for yourself and how to create a positive momentum in your life.
  • Inspiration and how to tap into it more often.
  • Conclusion of how all of these subjects tie into one another and work simultaneously together.

The 1-day seminar is an experience where the individual gets clear on where they’re at in their life, and how to figure out how to get to their ‘Enough’ number all while staying inspired.

Next Step

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