Inspirational Journaling

Michael speaks about Inspirational Journaling in all of the subject matters he covers; however, when an Inspirational Journaling session is booked the concepts are more clearly defined and described in greater detail. A step by step guy is shown how you can take the simple act of doing a morning journal and start creating a positive momentum in your life in a very rapid pace… Michael’s coaching covers:

  • Step by step instruction from the top of the page to the very last word.
  • How to set up a journaling session for positive results.
  • How to incorporate daily goal setting into the journaling so that the bigger goals you have get done faster.
  • How to attach a purpose and meaning to your life by examining your life in great detail with every area of your life.
  • How to improve what isn’t working and expand upon what is working and finding time to do more of it!
  • How to tap into the concept of finding activities that put you into spirit and leaves you inspired more often.

Michael’s Inspirational Journaling is a 100-day challenge to you, and after the 100-days you’ll find your most likely going to use this as a tool to help clear your head of the junk and fill so you can move forward instead of feeling like your  staying still…

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